Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kickstart My Art

My multi-fauceted friend Paula Carino recently released Open on Sunday, her first alboom since 2001's Aquacade. I've known Paula since the Eighties, so it's hard to be objective about her music; but I like it a lot, and I think her lyrics are smarter than the average bear (wolf, fox, or other animal du jour). Paula financed her CD through Kickstarter. You can buy it on iTunes, CD Baby, or direct from the artist via PayPal.

A long time ago, Paula sent me a mixtape featuring a great new singer-songwriter named Freedy Johnston. Hey lordy bebop, Freedy has a new record too: Rain on the City, his first album of new original songs since 2001. Freedy's back on Bar/None Records, and they will be happy to sell you his new CD (and those Individuals and Feelies reissues!) Follow me to Hoboko-stalgia and the Bar/None Store.

Paula recently recommended the Welsh trio The Joy Formidable. "A Balloon Called Moaning" is the unfortunate name of the band's 8 song EP. Female guitarist and vocalist! Loud layers of electric guitar! Uptempo songs with memorable choruses! Shades of grunge and shoegaze! Four free songs are available for download from Last FM.

Paula Carino: The Great Depression
Freedy Johnston: Don't Fall in Love with a Lonely Girl
The Joy Formidable: The Last Drop


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