Friday, February 19, 2010

Tactical Bakeoff

Other new records I bought and liked in 2009:

Future of the Left:
Travels with Myself and Another (reviewed here)
Grand Atlantic:
How We Survive (reviewed here)
Hex Dispensers:
Winchester Mystery House (mentioned here)
Marked Men:
Ghosts (reviewed here)
I Blame You (reviewed here)
Venice Is Sinking:
Azar (reviewed here)

My favorite new songs of 2009, in a zip file:
Tactical Bakeoff
(See comments for track listing.)

And 2008's favorites: Legacy Management
(2008 tracklist here)



At 2/19/2010 12:23 PM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

1. "Throwing Bricks at Trains" - Future of the Left
2. "One Cross Apiece" - Obits
3. "Headset" - Marked Men
4. "100 Flowers" - Lovvers
5. "Look Out" - Love of Diagrams
6. "Trip Wires" - Grand Atlantic
7. "Standing on the Shoulders of the Corpse of John Mayer" - Canadian Invasion
8. "Stick up for Me" - Reigning Sound
9. "O-B-I-T" - Hex Dispensers
10. "Wet Hair" - Japandroids
11. "Some Dresses" - Dananananaykroyd
12. "Ancestors" - Throw Me the Statue
13. "Reptiles" - Them Crookit Vultures
14. "The Very Best of Neil Diamond" - Super Furry Animals
15. "More Tongue Less Heart (remix)" - Johnny Foreigner
16. "Young Master Sunshine" - Venice Is Sinking
17. "Mary Is Mary" - Wye Oak
18. "I Lay There in Front of Me Covered in Ice" - Evangelista


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