Friday, September 18, 2009


QUESTION: What has eight kids and a backstage pass? Answer hidden somewhere in this month's issue! Write it on a 3x5 card and send it in with a stamped self-addressed envelope. Send your mother home your navel. Open up another case of the punks! Three new releases I'm looking forward to in October:

BARONESS: The Blue Record (10/13/09). The second full-length from the Savannah metal band. Two new tracks are streaming on the Relapse Records website and the band's myspace. You can preorder The Blue Record on vinyl and CD. I ordered the 2CD version with a bonus live disc for just $15 (get it
here). Baroness is touring with US Christmas.

EVANGELISTA: Prince of Truth (10/09/09). The latest from the band led by Carla Bozulich (ex Geraldine Fibbers and Ethyl Meatplow). You can order a special edition (180gm vinyl plus CD and poster) from
Constellation Records. If you haven't heard Evangelista, there's a SXSW session from last year on the WFMU website, and lots of free mp3's on Carla's website.

JOHNNY FOREIGNER: Grace and the Bigger Picture (10/26/09). Apparently a live DVD will accompany a special edition of this new CD, though you can't order it yet from the label,
Best Before Records, and it's not clear if there will be a US release. A free three track EP is available at the band's website.


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