Monday, September 14, 2009

Glam Racket

Spin Magazine ran an article in August called "Unsung: The 100 Greatest Bands You've (Probably) Never Heard". I was only familiar with a quarter of them. A few of the remaining 75 were intriguing. I'd like to hear Afterhours, the Crocketts, the Cherubs, the Titanics, and Regurgitator. But I immediately searched out the "brazenly blotto brilliance" of a band called Earl Brutus, described by Spin's Doug Brod as "U.K. art pranksters whose grimy glitter pomp owed as much to the Fall and Kraftwerk as it did to Ziggy Stardust."

Earl Brutus was fronted by two singers: Jamie Fry (whose brother Martin was also a bit of a pop star, I'm told), and the late
Nick Sanderson. Sanderson drummed for Clock DVA, the Gun Club and JAMC (great bands all). There are a few great Earl Brutus videos on YouTube. Start here. I wish I'd known about the band in their mid-90's heyday (when Andy Falkous may have been taking notes), but I'm enjoying them today. As Earl Brutus once declared, "Pop music is wasted on the young."


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