Friday, August 07, 2009

Bleuets et Fraises

Another month gone with nary a blog post. The home PC crashed and was replaced. I cancelled my eMusic subscription, after four years and almost 700 artists downloaded (some of which I lost in the crash).

Two of my favorite music blogs, Little Hits and Shake Your Fist, have recently folded. My good friend Paula seems to be ready to shut down her blog,
Intellectual House of Pancakes. IHOP isn't strictly about music, but it is (or was) invariably amusing and thought-provoking.

On a more positive note, Miriam Linna recently started blogging. Kicksville 66 is her story of coming of age in Cleveland in the mid-70's, and then moving to NYC to join the nascent Cramps. Her first-person perspective connects the dots between CLE and NYC at the birth of punk (a story familiar to readers of Please Kill Me). Miriam recommends that you read Kicksville 66 chronologically, and you can start
here. Miriam Linna is a talented musician and writer, and a passionate fan.

Speaking of Ohio's invaluable contributions to punk culture, here is an outstanding Devo cover (from a great new Austin TX band). I found it on the blog The Finest Kiss.

The Hex Dispensers: Gates of Steel
Buy the Hex Dispensers' new album,
Winchester Mystery House.


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