Saturday, May 30, 2009

You Cannot Contend with the RPM

Another new record that's rocking my socks off these days is Hey Everyone! That's the title of the full-length debut by Scottish six-piece Dananananaykroyd. They put the sex in sextet, and they endeared themselves to me by having two drummers (an exciting feature shared by the Butthole Surfers, MX-80 Sound, Beachbuggy, and the Fall circa 1983; as well as Adam Ant, Gary Glitter, the Allmans, the Dead, and the new Southern metal band Kylesa).

I've read comparisons between Dananananaykroyd and Los Campesinos, but I don't hear it. To me, Dananananaykroyd sound a bit like McLusky and FOTL (especially on "Black Wax"). But the mood is more giddy than angry, except on "One Chance", which is straight-up 1980's hardcore. There is also a touch of Ponytail in Dananananaykroyd's ecstatic sound: the lead guitarist is brilliant, and the songs on Hey Everyone reach crescendo after crescendo. "Watch This!" is their statement of purpose: like an attention-seeking hyperactive child, the song packs in every R-O-C-K signifier from pick slides to rim shots. I think my favorite song is "Some Dresses", which fills the void of awesome songs about tailoring women's clothes.

If you've been following Dananananaykroyd's history (haven't you?), you may notice some overlap between the songs on the new LP and their previous EP's. Early classics like "Totally Bone" have been rerecorded and amped up. The two drummers are captured distinctly, and the album sounds great at loud volume. I've taken the unprecedented step of adding Dananananaykroyd to my sidebar as one of the Greatest Bands of All Time. In the words of Bryan Evening, it's THAT GOOD.

Dananananaykroyd: Some Dresses


At 5/30/2009 12:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm liking what I'm hearing...but I can't imagine actually pronouncing the band's name, which seems to have one too many "na"s in it, and even if it didn't, would be the sort of thing that's really funny late one drunken night but really really really should've been reconsidered as an actual band name.

But what do I know - I'm the sort of person who thinks it'd be very amusing indeed if someone used that most infamous line from Dr. Horrible as the name of their publishing, so you'd see a credit like "all songs published by The Hammer Is My Penis Music (BMI)"...

At 5/31/2009 6:30 AM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

Oh, aye. It's an awkward moniker, and certainly not the first comic (or even the first SNL cast member) I would have named a band after. The band chants its name at the beginning of the song "Watch This!", and it's easier to pronounce after you've heard it.

It's been mentioned elsewhere that there's a band named Abe Vigoda, but there have been several bands named for actors, including Karen Black, Jodie Foster, Ray Milland, and Charles Bronson. Atlanta had a band called Kathleen Turner Overdrive.

At 6/04/2009 8:49 PM , Blogger PAUL NAYKROYD said...

Thanks for this! Totally made my day.


At 6/21/2009 11:58 AM , Blogger icastico said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one.

Here's one for you.


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