Thursday, May 28, 2009

A.Camp Tours U.States

Nina Persson's band A.Camp released its second album, Colonia, last month. The album is an intelligent set of orchestral pop, anchored by the pure tone of Persson's voice (which is not unlike Karen Carpenter's). To most American listeners, she may forever be known foremost as the singer of "Lovefool", but there is nothing lightweight about A.Camp's music. Highlights for me are "I Signed the Line" (which seems to address both recording contracts and marriage), and "Golden Teeth And Silver Medals", a duet with Nicolai Dunger that breaks down the fourth wall of the recording studio ("I'm so glad I met you in this song").

A.Camp's first tour of the US started this week in NYC. The two week tour continues through Boston, DC, Philly, Chicago, MPLS, KC, Denver, Seattle, Portland, SF and LA.

A.Camp will release a covers EP next month, featuring "Us and Them" (Pink Floyd) and "Boys Keep Swinging" (Bowie). Watch A.Camp perform "Love Has Left the Room" on WFMU here.


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