Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This March Madness Is Too Much Sorrow

Neil Young will release a topical new album in April called Fork in the Road. On the title track, he sings:
There's a bailout coming, but it's not for me
It's for all those creeps watching tickers on TV
There's a bailout coming, but it's not for you
It's for all those creeps hiding what they do
Forty years ago, Neil Young released his first solo album. A few months later, he made his first record with Crazy Horse, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. And then he joined CSNY -- all in 1969! Everybody Knows is probably one of my favorite records ever. Several of its songs became FM rock radio staples, but they were so different from everything else on the radio. There was "Cinnamon Girl", with its strange imagery and one-note guitar solo, and the murder ballad "Down by the River" (which featured another stark guitar solo). Here's a collection of covers of the seven songs on Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

Cinnamon Girl has been performed by artists ranging from Motorhead to Radiohead. I like Paul Cutler's dissonant fills on this version by the Dream Syndicate (from their album Out of the Grey).

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is performed by the band Ida (from their album Ten Small Paces). This was one of Neil's songs about leaving Buffalo Springfield.

Round and Round was recorded by OP8, a collaboration between Lisa Germano and Giant Sand. They only made one album together (Slush), but it is a great one.

Down by the River is another collaboration, this one between the bands Low and the Dirty Three, from the series In the Fishtank.

The Losing End is a shambolic low-fi cover by the Meat Puppets (from the reissue of Keats Rides a Harley).

Running Dry is performed by one of my most favorite singers, Carla Bozulich (from her live EP, I'm Gonna Stop Killing). The song's subtitle, "Requiem for the Rockets", refers to the band that became Crazy Horse.

Cowgirl in the Sand is from a recent Neil Young tribute album called Cinnamon Girl, which features all female artists. Josie Cotton (best known for Johnny Are You Queer?) sings this one. Jill Sobule's version of "Down by the River", from the same tribute album, is available as a free download on her website.


At 4/02/2009 11:25 AM , Anonymous panole8riambos said...

Nice blog you got here.
Best wishes.

At 4/05/2009 4:25 PM , OpenID spanghew said...

So your bracket's not doing too well, eh? (Yes of course I get the Neil ref. too...)

At 4/06/2009 10:47 AM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

It's unpossible to make it today...
Actually, I know less about football than I do about a lot of things that I don't know much about.

At 4/21/2009 11:14 AM , Anonymous Ian said...

Always loved that Ida cover.


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