Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Is it too early to declare the best record of 2009? No, I'm not talking about Enema Collective. The Marked Men's fourth album, Ghosts, came out in January on Dirtnap Records. Fifteen songs in a glorious half hour; each song like a diamond in its precision, clarity and brilliance. Fans of the Dickies, Buzzcocks, and the Ramones need this album. It is available on translucent clear vinyl, impermeable black vinyl, shiny aluminum 5" disc, and ghostly digital files (for those who prefer their music lacking any corporeal presence).

Havilah by the Drones came out last year in Australia, but ATP released it in the USA on 2/17 (on CD and double gatefold LP), and it's awesome. 50 Foot Wave is streaming a new recording called Power + Light online, but no physical release date has been announced. It is also awesome. The debut album by Rick Froberg's equally awesome new band Obits (I Blame You) will be released by Sub Pop on 3/24 (and Obits will play Atlanta at the Drunken Unicorn on St. Patrick's Day, 3/17).

Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver, Toshack Highway, and Magnetic Morning) will release his second solo album, Spent Bullets, on March 31st. Mike Gent of the Figgs released his second solo album on 2/17, and The Figgs' website promises album #10 in summer '09.

April 28th is the release date for Colonia, the second album from A.Camp (Nina Persson of the Cardigans, Niclas Frisk, and Nathan Larson of Shudder to Think). Mark Linkous and Joan Wasser return (both appeared on the first A.Camp album in 2001). Other guests include James Iha and Nicolai Dunger.


At 3/05/2009 11:32 AM , Blogger PCarino said...

I've already declared a best movie (so far), and I think I have two albums that will end up in my top ten list. (or strong "honorable mentions.")

At 3/05/2009 12:57 PM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

That's just March Madness talking.


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