Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meth Scab for Yerbouti

I was underwhelmed by the big indie records of 2008: Tivo on the Radio, MGGT, the Feet Floxes, and Vampire Wackness. Microcastle seemed too conventional, aside from the excellent Krautrock jam "Nothing Ever Happened". Even the new Walkmen album didn't do much for me (but I loved their Leonard Cohen cover session on Daytrotter).

With music blogs, part of the joy of discovery (and the joy of Disco:Very) is hearing about music that you never knew existed. I found some great music sites as I surfed the year-end lists. An online zine called Treble has a trove of music reviews that are more descriptive and less snarky than Pitchfork. The Quietus is another great online music zine with inventive feature articles. Paula hipped me to the Ye Wei Blog, written by Jason Gross of Perfect Sound Forever. One of the pseudonymous writers of Tiny Mix Tapes has a music blog called The Decibel Tolls. (My favorite TMT pseudonym is Mario Speedwagon.)

All of these sites published interesting lists of music from 2008 that went beyond the predictable choices. The Allmusic blog and AV Club staff lists were also intriguing. I only found out recently that some of the music critics from the late Harp Magazine are now writing online for Blurt, and their year-end lists make for good reading too.

The Oxford American is a print magazine of Southern literature that publishes a Southern Music Issue once a year. The Music Issue features articles about a wide variety of Southern musicians, and is accompanied by a CD (with songs ranging from indie rock and Americana to the earliest recorded folk, country, jazz and blues). 2008 is the 10th anniversary of the Oxford American's Southern Music Issue, and it includes a double CD! You can read a listing of the CD contents here.



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