Friday, December 26, 2008

Do Ya Think I'm Retrospective?

How was your Christmas? Everything was jolly down my way. My sons are engrossed in Guitar Hero. My sweet sister-in-law gave me the latest Cassandra Wilson CD and Oliver Sacks' book Musicophilia. I haven't had a chance to absorb either one yet. Mrs. der Neathica gave me a One Way Ticket. In addition to the Nerves compilation CD, she gave me the LTM label's reissue of the Factory Recordings by Blurt; and the Wipers box set of their first three LP's on CD (with bonus tracks and an X-cellent X-large T-shirt!)

The Blurt CD includes the band's side of the Factory Quartet album, plus the live LP In Berlin (which I once had on vinyl, but I gave it to a puppeteer). The Nerves comp includes their classic EP plus an unreleased follow-up single. There are also seven live tracks from a 1977 show in Illinois, three demos, and several tracks recorded by the individual members (who were Peter Case, Paul Collins, and Jack Lee) after the Nerves broke up. Eleven of the songs were written by Jack Lee, including his classic "Hanging on the Telephone".

Wipers: Can This Be?


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