Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open Wide for Certain Doom

Future of the Left: The Fibre Provider
Future of the Left: The Hope That House Built
We Versus the Shark: Suddenly It's a Folk Song

Everyone loved McLusky after they broke up. By that token, Future of the Left are certain to be huge after their fiery bus crash career move. Here's the recipe for Future of the Left: take everything that was good about Big Black, Jesus Lizard, and all their amphetamine-addled reptilian ilk. Add a dash of incoherent Welsh rage to amp it up another notch (who knew that was even possible?) You've got pounding drums, massive bass, and a hangover. Now top it off with a singer who's smarter than you or me. Andy Falkous' love is bigger than your love. His pain and sadness are more sad and painful than yours. Curses was (and is) an outstanding debut and one of the best albums of 2007: irrepressible, ill-mannered and flat-out funny.

Future of the Left will be touring North America in October opening for Ted Leo + the Pharmacists and Against Me. The tour starts at the Masquerade in Atlanta on 10/01/08. I don't care if Future of the Left only gets 40 minutes, as long as it's loud. I find it hard to get excited about bands like Against Me or Rancid. It's hard to see the point of recreating the sound of a musical revolution from 30 years ago, when part of the reason for that revolution was to undo everything that came before it. Wouldn't it then be more in keeping with the spirit of '77 to make something new, rather than nostalgically spiking your hair and putting pins through your nose? Having said that, I certainly don't mind when Ted Leo chooses to cover "Suspect Device" or "Outdoor Miner", or even "Six Months in a Leaky Boat".

An excellent interview from the late great Paper Thin Walls in which Andy Falkous explains the genesis of each song on Curses can still be found online here. "Suddenly It's a Folk Song" is a Future of the Left cover from the We Versus the Shark cover album, Murmurmur.


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