Friday, July 25, 2008

Lucky Seven

My younger son turned seven today. At his request, we went to Waffle House for breakfast. I warned him not to pry, but he couldn't resist asking the one-armed waitress how she lost her limb. "It's a long story, honey," she said. "But I sure do miss it."

Chisel: Waffle House

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At 7/25/2008 4:35 PM , Blogger PCarino said...

I wrote a fan letter to Chisel in the mid-90s, and Ted Leo wrote a very nice letter back.

Happy birthday, Myles.

Do you remember the Waffle House we went to where Lynda Stipe worked?

At 8/14/2008 4:41 PM , Blogger Nazz Nomad said...

"It's a long story honey, but I sure do miss it" pretty much sums up my life.

At 8/20/2008 12:18 PM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

Sorry to hear about your arm, Nazz.

Paula, I do remember being waited on by Lynda Stipe, but I didn't think we were at a Waffle House. However, my memory is full of holes.

That's very cool about the Ted Leo letter. I didn't know who Ted Leo was until Hearts of Oak!

At 9/02/2008 4:02 PM , Blogger Happy In Bag said...

What Nazz said...

At 9/08/2008 1:56 PM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

What, you too? Is there an epidemic of amputated arms among the music bloggerati?


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