Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All Summered Out

Always hated to see summer end when I was a child. Now I look forward to sending my kids back to school, as well as the cooler weather. Here's a mix of songs to observe the approaching change of season.

The Cucumbers: June-a-Done-July-O
(buy Where We Sleep Tonight)

Yo La Tengo: The Summer
(what, you don't own Fakebook?)

Richard Hawley: The Sun Refused to Shine
(don't know much about him, but love this ballad that ends Lady's Bridge)

You Am I: Bring the Old Sun Down
(from a rare EP, Ignorance and Vodka)

Oranger: Shutdown the Sun
(you can get the 2cd Shutdown the Sun for a couple bucks online)

Silent Kids: The Hissing of the Summer Grass
(this ATL band's brand new CD is called Dinosaurs Turn into Birds.
Ten bucks from Two Sheds.)

Eggstone: Against the Sun
(this Swedish trio's out of print album Somersault is highly recommended)

60ft Dolls: Summer's Gone
(a magical power pop joy from Joya Magica)

Statues: The Last Stand
(love their new one, New People Make Us Nervous)

USSA: Summer Endless Summer
(dig Duane Denison on this dark and dirty disc, The Spoils)


At 8/07/2008 6:02 PM , Blogger Nathan Nothin said...


Thanks for your kind words.
I'm totally fine, just having a rave-up with the blogsphere blogheads.
I'm not gonna post up any music 'til I get some feedback from all the lurkers & leechers.
I'm getting hit several hundred times a day, the downloads are killing my storage accounts, yet not very many comments (or should I say comments always from the same few friends).
I don't really care that much about people commenting, I just thought I'd see what I could do to stir things up. If the visits die down because I don't post for a while, well, so be it.
I'm so far behind on a million other things...
Also, I'm enjoying doing a bit of creative Ritin'
Thanks again my friend,

At 8/08/2008 6:32 PM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

OK, then! The end of your last post sounded a bit like "Goodbye, cruel world" and made me wonder if it was something other than creative writing. And you earned yourself a content warning from Blogger! Good to know that all is well. I bet those Flipper elpees you posted got downloaded a lot.

At 8/08/2008 8:16 PM , Blogger Nathan Nothin said...

Meant to be disturbing in a general sense, not in a personal sense.
Creative is a big word.

Yeah, content warning...I posted up my own warning for HEAT & guess Blogger took it to heart. I tried to go in settings & remove the warning but I guess it came from above. I've got a comp. geek friend working on a

Flipper got hit hard, as did the Alleycats/Zarkons, but unexpectedly the Ramonas & RootBoy have been going through the roof. But all the old content has a constant ooze of drainage.

Thanks for all your concern, it means a lot. Sorry for any agony beyond having to put up with my shite.



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