Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Saw It in Books, Read It on TV

Mark E. Smith's forthcoming self-penned memoir, Renegade, now has a publication date of April 24, 2008. The book was originally announced for a 2007 release (under the title The Two-Year Gap), but has been pushed back several times. Even now, Amazon UK lists Renegade's subtitle as "The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith", but Amazon's picture of the book's cover indicates that its subtitle is "The Gospel According to Mark E. Smith". You're enjoying this, aren't you Smith?

Hopefully it will make a better read than the 2003 biography of MES as told to Mark Middles, which turned out to be as much about Mr. Middles as it was about Mr. E. Smith. Not to be outdone, Middles has now written a Complete Guide to the Fall's Music, which is to be published a month after Renegade (and two months after Latch Key Kid, the real next Fall LP).


At 1/08/2008 2:24 PM , Blogger Disco:Very said...

Egads, that track-by-track "Complete Guide to the Fall's Music" is going to be the size of a Greyhound bus. To keep the book slim, they should simply write "We have no idea what he's going on about" on every page.

At 1/08/2008 11:12 PM , Anonymous Jew on a Motorbike said...

Bloody penknives sink the bother, catchpan bastards with buttered arses in the sick-ward toll paper - and you fuckin need eight tins of it, each morning, under a brick library full of rust. [stumbles to guitarist's amp; randomly twiddles knobs; punches bass guitarist; hurls mic stand to the floor; exits stage left. We hear the sound of a bottle breaking.]

At 1/09/2008 7:36 AM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

Dear readers: the excerpt above, from Lynne Spears' guide to parenting (itself inexplicably delayed in publication), somehow found its way through an internet security wormhole to the comments section of Underneathica. We regret any emotional (or intestinal) distress that this passage may have caused, and we assure you that the person responsible for this error has been sacked. Regular programming will resume momentarily.

At 1/11/2008 12:22 AM , Blogger 2fs said...

A moose bit my sister once.

At 1/11/2008 9:23 AM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

My wife got bit by a zebra, and a tapir urinated on my mother. True stories, both!


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