Thursday, October 11, 2007

Summer's Over, Here Comes the Weather

A welcome wave of cooler weather has arrived, and I've opened all the screen doors in my submarine. I received an anonymous request to repost one of my favorite songs, and nothing could be more appropriate to listen to at this time of year than Halloween by the late great Athens band the Method Actors. Rumor has it that the music they once waxed will someday be digitized by the label Happy Happy Birthday to Me.

There was welcome news in my inbox from Pylon, another classic band from the Classic City whose first album is being released on CD next week. In celebration of same, the band is playing three shows in November: NYC (11/7), Chapel Hill (11/5), and the good ole ATL: Thursday, November 1st with the Selmanaires at the EARL.

Sometimes it's nice to stay in bed and be a sleepyhead.
Pylon: No Clocks


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