Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's a Radio Wave

It looks like this will be the year that I finally lose my influence over my son's musical taste. I used to be able to nudge him toward bands like Super Furry Animals, They Might Be Giants, and Green Day. He even got into some "old school" stuff like Queen, Motorhead, and the Cure.

But he will turn 12 soon, and lately his taste runs toward My Chemical Romance, the Used, and something called the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Part of me wants to try to assert my influence and make him a mix cd or something. But another part of me says to let go.

Readers, you are my last bastion of taste-making. (My six year old's ears are still influenced by things he sees on TV, like Kids Bop and the Backyardigans.) Twenty years ago, I made mixtapes for my brother and our friends to expose them to my favorite songs. Today, my blog is read by some of the same folks I once made mixtapes for, as well as a few new friends.

If you ever trusted my taste in music, heed me now when I say that "Radio Wave" by the band Oranger is the best thing I've heard in months. "Radio Wave" and "Crones" come from Oranger's last album, New Comes and Goes (2005). AllMusic says that Oranger was initially one of the low-fi bands who arose in the wake of Pavement, but Oranger gradually shed the static and became more of an alt-pop band (like Creeper Lagoon, and Pavement themselves). "Radio Wave" would have been all over my mixtapes. "Crones" is more low-key, but memorable in its own way. Buy some Oranger at eMusic.

Oranger: Radio Wave
Oranger: Crones


At 10/28/2007 10:20 AM , Anonymous chris said...

Thanks for the heads up. Other than a few notable mistakes, your music advice has been spot on.

Not a fan of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus?

At 10/29/2007 10:39 AM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

Maybe it's just the name... Would you want your kids listening to screamo bands?

At 10/29/2007 4:27 PM , Anonymous Paula said...

Backyardigans: best band name I've seen this week.

At 10/30/2007 7:03 AM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

"Yeti Stomp" is the bomb, yo.


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