Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer is ready when you are

Number One Cup: Just Let Go
Meat Puppets: Swimming Ground
Leaving Trains: Ice Cream Truck

How's your summer? Mine started with a family sailing trip, followed by a bout with the flu. Most recently, my in-laws moved out. They lived with us for almost three months. Cohabitation with the parents of one's spouse has its ups and downs. The kids enjoyed seeing their grandparents every day, and we took advantage of the free babysitting. But we missed our privacy, and it felt so good to get that back.

Last week my father in law took me and my two sons to a secluded lake for some fishing. We caught about a dozen bluegills and two small bass. The lake was surrounded by blackberry bushes, and they were bursting with ripe fruit. These are the things I love about the rural south. That night, I cooked up the fish, with a side of squash from our garden, and fresh blackberries with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Everything was fresh, and everything was free (except the ice cream).

Mrs. der Neathica bought me two Wilco tickets as a Father's Day present. It was an outdoor show, and the forecast was for rain, so my wife stayed home and I took our 11 year old son to Chastain Park for his first rock concert. We laughed our way through the opening set by Low ("Play slower!") It rained all through Wilco's set, and we left before it ended. But sharing a live show with my son was a great way to observe Father's Day.


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