Thursday, May 10, 2007

Zebra with a Booty Rash

What's black and white and red all over? The answer to this riddle is hidden somewhere in today's post! Hey, have you seen the Montana state quarter? It's so metal!

A little bit of virtual housekeeping: I'm moving mp3's yet again, this time to DivShare. (Tip of the hat to Neal at Blank Crisis.) You can download this week's songs, and I'm gradually moving older songs that I had on eSnips. But waiting for mp3's to upload is more boring than waiting for mp3's to download.

I watched American Hardcore. I would have preferred more performance footage, and less reminiscing. But I guess it's all on Youtube. Someone makes the point in American Hardcore that the first wave of punk bands were formed by people who already knew how to play, but the hardcore punks formed bands and then learned to play. While this is being said, we see photos of early LA bands such as the Screamers, the Weirdos, and the Germs. But is there a better example than the Germs of a band that learned to play after forming (or after "Forming")?

The Atlanta Rollergirls have a match this Sunday: the Denim Demons versus two time ARG champs the Sake Tuyas. I have a great fundraising idea for the Rollergirls (or for anyone in Atlanta who will listen): someone should start punk rock aerobics in the ATL. I don't aerobicize, but I probably would if they'd play something other than hair metal at my gym. I'm trying to exercise and, you know, watch the carbs.

Hot Snakes: Think about Carbs



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