Thursday, May 24, 2007

They can't take that away from me

Standing in line with the other geeks to get my CD signed, I thought about what I would say to (artist). I wanted to tell (artist) how much her song meant to me. I also wanted to confirm what I thought her song was about. But what if I was wrong? That's what happened when I met (other artist). "No, that's not what I wrote my song about. But that's an interesting interpretation," he said politely. And the meaning of his song, once full of the personal significance that I had imagined for it, was suddenly and forever lost to me.

So I decided against asking (artist) whether her song was about (subject). That way the mystery, and the meaning, remain intact. Anyway, (subject) is so personal, and (artist) and I are strangers, though I feel I know her through her songs. Best not to spoil my own illusions.

Heatmiser: Antonio Carlos Jobim


At 5/24/2007 10:40 PM , Blogger jon manyjars said...

I don't mean to imply that I met Elliott Smith (or Jobim).

I will be on vacationderneathica for the next eight days, somewhere nice and inaccessible to the internets.

At 5/25/2007 9:15 AM , Anonymous Paula said...

Jon, if the (artist) is your fave, Alanis Morrissette, then yes, she was writing about that guy from Full House.

At 5/25/2007 3:36 PM , Blogger jon manyjars said...

How ironic. You oughta know better.

At 5/28/2007 3:54 PM , Blogger Happy In Bag said...

Good call, Jon. Avril's "Girlfriend" means different things to all of us.

At 5/29/2007 10:32 PM , Blogger Slits Fan said...

Buddy X really is about Lenny Kravitz.

(I know you didn't meet Neneh Cherry, but she's more interesting than the artists listed above)


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