Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blogs Are Like Buses (Another One Will Be Here in a Minute)

Bad news for music bloggers: Post-Punk Junk is no more. Bret got shut down by his hosting service. His blog was one of my inspirations. Bret promises to resurface with another site in the next few months.

Berkeley Place also got shut down (by Blogger?), but Ethan has happily set up shop again on Wordpress.

The Merry Muses of Caledonia, my favorite Scottish music blog, is on its last legs. Ryan is now writing for Stylus magazine, and Underneathica wishes him well.

More happiness: Simon has resumed posting on his great British blog Spoilt Victorian Child!

Happier still: my friends at Eat More Records in Lawrenceville are having a huge sale this month: 25% off all new import CDs, LPs, DVDs and 45s; 25% off all used CDs, LPs, DVDs and 45s; and 10% off all new CDs and LPs (in stock only, not special orders). All through the 28th of February!

I heard this song today for the first time in a long time, and was reminded of what a great post-punk guitar rave-up it is. And it's Scottish (not crap)! Discord by the Fire Engines (click link to buy Teenage Codex Premonition).


At 2/13/2007 2:22 PM , Anonymous piehammer said...

I have been listening to Radio Nigel on iTunes streaming audio while painting the basement. Thanks for bringing me up on good music.

At 2/15/2007 10:59 PM , Blogger Slits Fan said...

To keep up with the times, and to have the option to purchase space on a server if the site takes off, I can now be found at:


At 2/16/2007 7:11 AM , Blogger jon manyjars said...

Good on you, Bobby! I've been wondering where you've been.


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