Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome to My Blogroll

I try to limit my blogroll to sites that I actually visit. I guess I visit a lot of blogs. I couldn't resist adding two more mp3 blogs that I found this past week, because I love the bloggers' taste in music, as well as the themes they choose for their posts, and the photos they add.

Please welcome Jon from Brighton (on England's southern shore), and his blog Southcoasting. We share a first name, we're both fathers and music fans, and we've both been blogging for a year this month. Southcoasting is featuring a series on a wonderful era, UK Indie Pop of the early 1980's (e.g., JAMC, the Fall, Felt, the Pastels, and Biff Bang Pow!)

And hello to Tom from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and his blog Bag of Songs. Tom features interesting new bands and new releases, and I enjoyed his Top 25 CD's and Top 50 Singles of 2006. He recently posted some excellent Lucinda Williams rarities, and he has some great photos of live shows he's attended (Pernice Brothers, Hold Steady, etc.) Both of these blogs are well worth visiting, and I recommend reading through their archives.


At 1/29/2007 4:47 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Thanks for the reference. I will reciprocate when i get a moment or two!

At 1/29/2007 6:56 PM , Blogger -tom said...

Hey Jon, Thanks a lot !
I stop by your blog quite often too.


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