Sunday, December 31, 2006

I Don't Ever Want to Change

So what'dya get for Christmas? I got some nice gifts, but I didn't get any music. My family members refuse to buy me any CD's. They suffer from the strange delusion that I have enough music already.

So I've been listening to Nina Nastasia a lot this past week, and an Australian band called the Drones. These artists had new albums in 2006, both of which I overlooked. Who are the Drones? Perhaps they are the true heirs to the madness and malice of the Birthday Party. Sometimes I think they are what McLusky might have been if they had chosen to emulate the Gun Club rather than the Jesus Lizard. The Drones also remind me of the band Thin White Rope: brilliant and corrosive electric guitar work, with a singer whose eccentricities are an acquired taste.

The Drones' website has 20 (twenty) mp3's available for download, and I have listened to every goddam one of them. There are some live tracks, some rare stuff, samples of their albums, plus majestically unhinged covers of "Cortez the Killer", "Manic Depression" and "Who Do You Love".

I have no resolution for the new year. It's not because there's nothing I would change about myself; I guess I have no faith in my ability to sustain a significant change in behavior for a full year.

The Drones: I Don't Ever Want to Change


At 1/02/2007 12:31 AM , Anonymous Peecat said...

Sometimes it's better to NOT have someone by you music, lest they buy you the stuff you don't like.

At 1/02/2007 3:58 AM , Anonymous Benjamin said...

Happy New Year Jon.

The Drones first album (Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By - possibly one of the longest titles for an album, even outclassing the likes of Sufjan) is well worth checking out; it also contains the same catchy rocky bluesy sound with a hint of Australian soul and identity. In particular, check out Shark Fin Blues and Baby2, not to mention Sitting On the Edge of the Bed Cryin'.

I was lucky enough to catch these guys live supporting one of your favourites - You Am I. Not a bad combo.

May the new year bring you many musical adventures!

At 1/02/2007 9:46 AM , Anonymous piehammer said...

The reason I don't buy you music is that for me, it's no fun to just go purchase something from a list. I like to pick things out that you would not just buy for yourself.

Except for the software - I just ran out of time and panic set in.

At 1/02/2007 12:21 PM , Blogger jon manyjars said...

Peecat and Piehammer: you're both right, I know. Benjamin, thanks for the info. I think Fiona Apple had the Drones and Sufjan both beat as far as lengthy album titles. I have heard both "Shark Fin Blues" (which has attached its melody to my brain like a barnacle) and "Baby 2" (which is on the Monsters of Australian Rock comp that I wrote about in December). I am on the lookout for Drones records now!


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