Wednesday, October 25, 2006

dEERHUNTER: The anti-Anti-Anti

It's starting to look like a bandwagon, so let me jump on and ride it. The latest song on Pitchfork's "Infinite Mixtape" is "Spring Hall Convert" by the Atlanta band Deerhunter. The song is also available at the British blog 20 Jazz Funk Greats. Deerhunter recently returned from a fall tour of Spain and France, and they played shows this month in the Southeastern U.S. with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Check out some of the negative reviews from YYY fans on Deerhunter's myspace page. Was it Pete Buck who said that being an opening band was "the worst form of masochism"?

Cryptograms should be released on Kranky Records sometime in early 2007. The songs I've heard from it are more ethereal and less abrasive than the band's self-titled 2004 CD (also known as Turn It Up, Faggot). 20 Jazz Funk Greats says that Cryptograms is one of the releases they're looking forward to most in 2007. I'm going to take that statement a step further and call it the best record that will be released next year. Smell that, bloggers? That's my ASS in your FACE, because I just LEAPFROGGED you bitches. You're still worrying about your best of 2006 list, and Underneathica is already predicting the best of 2007!

I also predict the greatness of the 2007 album by Future of the Left (new band of Andy Falkous, ex-Mclusky) and the third album (yet to be recorded) by my other favorite Atlanta band, Luigi. But Deerhunter is going to be the next big Atlanta band. Definitely bigger than Snowden. Forget what you heard about "post-shoegaze". Cryptograms will be the anti-Anti-Anti.

While you wait for Cryptograms, you can order a copy of the split release 10" LP from Bradford Cox (Deerhunter) and Cole Alexander (the Black Lips). The first pressing of this 10" sold out, and the label has announced that there will not be a third pressing. You can order it from Rob's House Records or Bomp.

Deerhunter: Like New


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