Friday, June 23, 2006

Spaceseed and the Cocktail Girlz

Well, sweet honey iced tea! I just discovered that the seminal (geddit?) Atlanta band Spaceseed is still together, and will be headlining some type of prog-rock festival here in July at Eyedrum. I had no idea Spaceseed was still kicking out the, uh, space jams. They actually toured and recorded with their hero Nik Turner and another Hawkwind member.

I have vague memories of Spaceseed from almost 20 years ago. Lead guitarist John Pack used to front the Cocktail Girlz, and it seems like I saw a show at the White Dot where the Cocktail Girlz played first and were followed by Spaceseed. The Cocktail Girlz were like Atlanta's version of the (early) Red Hot Chili Peppers, but not entirely derivative of RHCP. They were a fun live band, and their shows attracted lots of women and lots of drag queens. Drag queens know good music, and they know where the party's at. The Cocktail Girlz' bassist went on to join Follow for Now (a/k/a Shoulda Been Huge).

I was also surprised to discover that Funtone has kept the Cocktail Girlz vinyl EP available, and there's a Cocktail Girlz video (plus some Spaceseed footage) online.

Thinking about my recent post on the Atlanta band Marcy, I began to wonder: did every major city have its own Pixies? Did each scene have its own Red Hot Chili Peppers? (I once saw Tim Kerr's band Bad Mutha Goose and the Bros. Grimm, or at least I think I did.) And does every city have its own band of Hawkwind devotees?

I also had a GREAT idea to capitalize on Pixies nostalgia and the wave of country and bluegrass remakes of rock songs: Pickin' on the Pixies! I better call a copyright lawyer. ("Sittin' here a-wishin' on a cee-ment floor, just a-wishin' that I had a little sumthin' you wore...")

ADDENDUM: The mp3 blog Something Old, Something New has serendipitously posted Hawkwind's version of "Motorhead".


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