Monday, May 01, 2006

Mcluskyism Fo' Shizzim

Somebody do a dance mix of "Bipolar Bears Take Seattle" right now. I hereby commission you. It already sounds like DFA1979, but it's OC/DC. This song is bananas. "O-C! O-C-D! D'you UNDERSTAND the CONDITION?"

Mclusky: Bipolar Bears Take Seattle

The live stuff on Mcluskyism has the best between-song crowd baiting since Fear on The Decline of Western Civilization, or the Fall on Totale's Turns.

MARK E. SMITH (to a punk in the audience): "Did you do what you do three years ago?"

PUNK (who thinks he's being accused of being a poser): "Yeah."

M.E.S. (who is psychic, and predicted the punk's answer): "Well, don't make a career out of it."

In other band news, there is now a Myspace group for the Screaming Blue Messiahs (with a message from chief Messiah Bill Carter).

And San Francisco band Translator has a best-of compilation available now on iTunes. None of the band's three LP's were ever issued on CD. The group's original members reunited at SXSW this year. Bandleader Steve Barton released a solo record last year; co-leader Robert Darlington and his wife are massage therapists in Baltimore (where Screaming Bill Carter is also rumored to live); and Translator drummer Dave Scheff moonlights as the drummer for a theater troupe in San Francisco called Teatro Zinzanni. Dave describes their show as "Cirque du Soliel with food and not taking itself so seriously – we get a lot of the same acts they do, but we have more fun." That sounds like a must-do for whenever I visit SF. I forgot to ask about Translator's bass player. I guess Bruce McCullough was right about bass players.


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