Friday, February 03, 2006

Real Brain Damage

GAM was a really interesting Savannah band from the late 1990's. They had a strange sense of humor. One of their songs was called "Greg Ginn Body Bag". They wore outrageous costumes on stage. You can check out some of their visuals and hear their music at this site. GAM was led by Keith Kozel, a musician, actor, and artist. A "memorial fansite" suggests that he is deceased, but a quick search of the Savannah newspaper shows him to be alive and well, and still active on the arts and music scene there. "Brain Damage" was on GAM's first album, Phase 8, and it used to get some play on Album 88 in Atlanta.

Speaking of brain damage, I saw Bill Berry yesterday among the many visitors at the Georgia Aquarium. Sorry, REM fans! Just kidding about the brain damage! But I really did see Bill Berry. He looked good. I resisted the fanboy impulse to say, "Looking good, Bill Berry!"

While I'm rambling, you know those magnetic ribbons that people put on the back of their cars to show their support of US troops in Iraq, or breast cancer research, or other causes? I saw one this week that said, "Support Magnetic Ribbons". At first I thought it was funny. Then I started to think, isn't that what you're really doing when you buy a magnetic ribbon to slap on your trunk? You're not actually doing anything (like buying war bonds or planting a victory garden), you're just supporting the manufacture of magnetic ribbons.

GAM: Brain Damage


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