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Clock DVA is a band with a lengthy and complex discography (much of which is out of print), and numerous lineup changes. An officially sanctioned discography is available here. Originally contemporaries of Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA moved from its early industrial and improvisatory music to more accessible electronic dance music (much as SPK did). Vocalist Adi Newton is essentially the only constant throughout the band's catalogue. As recently as 2004, Mute Records was working on reissuing some early Clock DVA, but nothing seems to have come of it. Newton's own label, Anterior Research Station, has reissued some Clock DVA as well as Newton's later group, TAGC (also known as The Anti-Group).

The Clock DVA album Thirst is a classic that skews the conventional rock band lineup by adding dark electronics, Newton's sometimes atonal clarinet work, and his unique voice. Thirst is similar in some ways to the early Pere Ubu albums. Most of the musicians on Thirst left to become the group The Box. "Four Hours" was actually a hit single in the UK. Newton's snarl often echoes in my head:
I must go to work
I know where it is
I've been there before...
I've seen Clock DVA's music described as "coldwave". Another song from the same period with a similarly dark outlook came from Bill Laswell's band Material. While generally known as avant funk, Material rocked on the early song "Slow Murder". The vocalist growls, "The future holds no information/It's just a cold suffocation." I think it's Michael Beinhorn singing. He's now a famous record producer.

Clock DVA: Four Hours

Material: Slow Murder


At 2/07/2006 3:01 PM , Blogger Chardman said...

Early Material is really weird to me, having first heard them on Hallicination Machine.
As I crawled backwards through their discog, I found them an altogether different band, miles from their world music jazz thing.
And new Material projects are pretty disparate, too.
I wonder what criteria Laswell uses to determine whether or not a project will come out as Material or not.
But I dig it all.

At 2/07/2006 3:40 PM , Blogger jon manyjars said...

As the fella said on Allmusic, Material is now just a name that Laswell uses occasionally for one of his many disparate projects. It's just as strange stumbling forward through the Material discography as it is crawling backward! Thanks for the comment.

At 2/14/2006 12:42 PM , Blogger 2fs said...

Both mp3s appear to be the Clock DVA track...

At 2/14/2006 4:02 PM , Blogger jon manyjars said...

Fixed, sorry.


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