Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Burning Down Your House

The Jim Jones Revue arose like a phoenix from the ashes of Thee Hypnotics. The JJR played four songs on Daytrotter this summer, including one from their brand new album, Burning Your House Down (which comes out this week).

If you usually avoid the type of performers featured on Daytrotter, do yourself a favor and make an exception. Or you can listen on myspace. I generally eschew "A meets B" comparisons, but if Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis fronted the MC5 or the New York Dolls -- or if the members of NRBQ were into truckstop speed rather than wacky tobacky -- the resulting musical maelstrom would sound a good bit like the Jim Jones Revue. No shit.

The JJR will be hitting a few major American cities this month: Sept 14 NYC; Sept 15 Chicago; Sept 16 Seattle; Sept 17 Portland; Sept 19 SF; Sept 20 Santa Cruz; Sept 22 San Diego; Sept 23 LA; and Sept 26 New Orleans. Then they return to Europe. You lucky bastards.


At 12/01/2010 12:54 PM , Blogger jonder said...

Just discovered that the JJR also played a set at WFMU while they were on this side of the pond:


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