Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Our Future Looks Cluttered

The umpteenth album by the Fall, "Your Future - Our Clutter", has been pushed back from November 2009 to January 2010. A single called "Slippy Floor" will be released on December 7th on Action Records.

Acute Records has announced
This is Still It, a Method Actors compilation CD to be released in "very early 2010". The comp will focus on the 1980 and 1981 recordings of the Athens duo, up to and including the Little Figures album. My very second post on this here blog (almost four years ago) was about the Method Actors, and their song Halloween was the first thing I digitized from vinyl to mp3. So I'm seriously geeked out about this CD reissue.

One of my other favorite bands, the fabulous Figgs, are hoping to finish recording their next full length in January for release in April 2010. Meanwhile, you can order "Casino Hayes", a new 7" single by the Figgs on the Peter Walkee label
here. The vinyl single includes a download coupon.

The reunited Rival Schools will have a record in mid-2010, per this statement from
Walter Schreifels: "The new record is finished and we are negotiating with record labels for a spring/ summer release date. I think we nailed the transition from our last and long ago record to something forward thinking."

ADDENDUM: I forgot about Transit Transit, the Autolux album that is supposed to be released in January 2010. Any year with these great bands in it can't be bad. Here's to 2010!