Thursday, December 21, 2006

Records I Bought and Liked This Year

By no means an exhaustive list of the best of '06. In reverse alpha vision!

You Am I - Convicts (soon to be released domestically by Yep Roc)

Paul Westerberg - Open Season (Underneathica loves ten inch records)

Alan Vega, Alex Chilton and Ben Vaughn - Cubist Blues Redux
(10th anniversary reissue of this unlikely trio's 1996 collaboration, with a bonus disc of live recordings)

Uzeda - Stella (I didn't write about this Italian band, but they rocked me)

Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional (another nice reissue)

Sparklehorse - Dreamt in the Belly of the Man on the Silver Mountain

Radio Birdman - Zeno Beach (classic Aussie surf punks return)

Pernice Brothers - Live a Little (the demo disc was a nice gift to fans)

Pere Ubu - Why I Hate Women (David Thomas brings back the rock)

Mission of Burma - The Obliterati (wayWAYway better than onOFFon)

Anne McCue - Koala Motel ("Sweet Burden of Youth" was the best song title of '06)

Marked Men - Fix My Brain (I can't get these songs out of my head)

Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America (you don't like it? I don't care)

Figgs - Follow Jean through the Sea (they're jumping again!)

Duke Spirit - Cuts across the Land (I know it came out last year in the UK)

dEUS - Pocket Revolution (another unexpected return)

Buzzcocks - Flat-Pack Philosophy (same as above)

Richard Buckner - Meadow (oh so sadly beautiful)



At 12/22/2006 9:24 AM , Blogger Flash and Yearn said...

Jon, what about the records you bought this year but hated?

At 12/22/2006 9:45 AM , Blogger jonder said...

I can't think of any! I have bought and hated records in past years, but maybe I was a more careful shopper in '06.

At 12/31/2006 5:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post on the Marked Men. Have really been enjoying this album. And yes, I cannot get the songs out of my head either. All in all, what one album is your fav from 2006. Come on, choose

At 12/31/2006 11:07 PM , Blogger jonder said...

Mmm...OK. I choose the Figgs, just because it's the one that makes me the happiest. I think it's their most solid set of songs since they released Sucking in Stereo back in 2000. But that Marked Men album is mighty good too.


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