Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No One Will Miss Me If I Don't Go Away

Sabbatical self-sabotage. A hiatus from self-hatred. I didn't plan on such a long silence, but I had neither time nor interest to post anything. I got into a funk at the end of the year, when I realized how estranged I have become from the tastes of the online music community. I don't feel the need to be part of the in-crowd, but the consensus among the cognoscenti was far afield from what I thought was good. I guess I'm minding the gap.

Some of my very favorite bands made very good records in 2010. It a great year for music, by my lights. But many of these artists were either ignored completely (Freedy Johnston, the Figgs, the Futureheads, You Am I), or they were labelled as derivative and behind the times (see, for example, the Tiny Mix Tapes review of the second Blood Red Shoes album, Fire Like This.) At least the Fall got good reviews for Our Future, Your Clutter.

I've always carried a torch for certain underdogs, but this past year just made me feel old. I haven't been to any shows in the last few months. I put them on my calendar and cross them off as they go by. I was planning to see Wye Oak, but they cancelled. I skipped the Obits show in Athens last month, but fortunately Sloan Simpson was there with his recording gear. I had free tickets to see Gogol Bordello last week, but I didn't go. Even the first ever Atlanta performance by Savage Republic couldn't get me out of the house.

I still get excited about new bands (like Red Fang and Jeff the Brotherhood), and it makes me happy when a group like the New Pornographers makes a great record like Together (my favorite album of 2010). I should just enjoy the music (and I do), without wondering whether other people are hearing and appreciating it. I'll continue to write here about the stuff I like, at least for a little while longer.